Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Engy the pretty

I have nothing to write right now in my blog , so I had an idea , I will write what I feel about my fellow bloggers , one by one . This is not judgments or anything, but its only some assumptions built on their writings and the way their words reveal themselves, just in my opinion.

I will start with my dear blogger friend Engy the pretty:

· She is so sensitive.

· She can face the world so bravely, but she is so weak when being alone.

· She is fighter, never give up easily.

· Her closest friend , is herself.

· A dreamer, she can live in her daydream and enjoy it as if its real.

· Love kids.

· She didn’t find the right person yet , who deserves the volcano of
emotions that lurking inside her.

· Strong believer.

· Funny.

· Nervous.

· Generous

· Care about details.

· Her blog :